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Gov. Bullock introduced his Medicaid expansion plan this week. It promises to help the uninsured and bring Montana tax dollars back to the state. Bullock's plan faces opposition from Republicans who worry Medicaid and other welfare programs are riddled with fraud and create disincentives to work.

Tax Cuts Up For Debate At The Capitol

Jan 20, 2015 (CC-BY-2.0)

Montana lawmakers are considering whether to approve a one-time only tax cut or a slight reduction across all income tax brackets.

The two tax bills were heard Monday before the House Taxation Committee. From Helena, Yellowstone Public Radio’s Jackie Yamanaka has more.

State Lawmakers Consider Increased Sentences For Felony DUI

Jan 15, 2015
Keith Regier (R) SD-3
Montana Legislature

State lawmakers are considering a bill to give judges an additional tool for repeat DUI offenders.

House Bill 111 could increase the sentence for a felony DUI conviction. A felony DUI is a 4th or subsequent conviction.

Currently these offenders serve a 13 month sentence that may not include treatment.

State Capitol, Helena
Jacob Baynham, Community News Service, UM School of Journalism

Republicans in the Montana House face a contempt-of-court motion filed by Montana news media, for allegedly holding a caucus meeting without public notice.

Last week Great Falls Tribune reporter John S. Adams got a tip: House Republicans were meeting behind closed doors. As soon as Adams walked into the room, the discussion stopped cold.

Adams said, “I think there was even one of those motions of the finger across the neck, like cut! Cut!"

Gov. Bullock Releases State Budget Plan

Nov 17, 2014
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Governor Steve Bullock released his two-year budget proposal during a Monday Morning news conference at the state capitol. Highlights include a spending increase of 5.5% this year and close to 3% next year, as well as $300 million in improvements to the state’s roads, sewers, and other infrastructure, and a $300 million surplus to take care of emergencies.

But the proposal that could produce the most contentious debate concerns Medicaid.