Jenny Cloutier

Two Bear Air Rescue in Whitefish is the first company in the Americas to fly with the new RECCO detector, show here in a photo courtesy of

As the number of skiers and snowmobilers charging deeper into the backcountry in search of unblemished powder rises, so does the number of calls for rescue. Now, a search and rescue outfit based in Whitefish can look for lost people from the air using a piece of technology that might already be stitched into their jackets.

It’s called RECCO, and the philanthropically-funded Two Bear Air Rescue is the first company in the Americas to fly with the new RECCO detector.

50 Years Of Wilderness

Aug 1, 2014
The Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, MT
The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

First, a clarification: the 1964 Wilderness Act provides for areas where “the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man.” Executive Director of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation Carol Treadwell said it’s commonly confused as untrampled.

“Untrammeled means uncontrolled. So, in a natural state, letting natural things take place and not being tweaked by human influences. It’s there for the wildlife, and so that we can have wild experiences,” Treadwell said.