Jeff Essmann

Corin Cates-Carney

Over the weekend, Montana’s GOP created a new document to define the beliefs of their party.

Corin Cates-Carney

Montana Republicans met today at the Missoula Hilton Garden Hotel for day one of their party’s biggest fundraising event of the year. They spent the day teeing up issues for tomorrow’s vote on the party’s platform. 

Montana GOP Chairman Jeff Essman.
Montana Legislature

After Tuesday's primary elections, moderate Republicans gained little ground in the battle to take Montana legislative seats away from the more conservative members of their party. State GOP Chairman Jeff Essman says a Republican governor has the best chance to unite what he calls a diversity within the Republican Party.

On this episode of "Campaign Beat," Sally Mauk, Chuck Johnson, and Rob Saldin talk about this week’s campaign finance ruling, the fuss over the Gianfortes' big donation to MSU, and the race for Montana’s seat in the House of Representatives.

At the state Republican Party convention in Billings this weekend, party leaders said it’s time for Republicans to get behind the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.