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Chris La Tray

Recently named one of the Best Undiscovered Comedians in America by Thrillist, Sarah Aswell is another Montana gem. Her brand of humor seamlessly blends disarming authenticity and searing social commentary. As a community member, Sarah strives to make comedy accessible and inclusive by running workshops for women and non-binary folks and supporting the representation of historically marginalized groups on stage. In this interview, Sarah explains her comedic philosophy, in addition to sharing some humor writing and a stand-up bit.

Antonya Nelson's 'Funny Once' Is Funny Lots

Jun 21, 2017

The stories in Antonya Nelson's collection Funny Once are clear-eyed, hard-edged, beautifully formed. In the title story, "Funny Once," a couple held together by bad behavior fall into a lie with their more responsible friends. In "The Village," a woman visits her father at a nursing home, recalling his equanimity at her teenage misdeeds and gaining a new understanding of his own past indiscretions.

'The Goblin's Puzzle': Logan Reviews

Aug 2, 2016
Knopf Books for Young Readers

The Goblin’s Puzzle, by Andrew S. Chilton, is a very exciting book. I loved it as soon as I started reading it. It is fun, funny, and amazing. The main character is a boy with no name. This is because he was never given one. I can’t really explain it because: 1. It’s a spoiler, and 2. I don’t really know how it happened myself. I love how The Goblin’s Puzzle details suspense, mystery, and a desire to do the right thing. It was intriguing, and anyone who wants to read it should. I would recommend this book for second grade and up.