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Gov-elect Greg Gianforte has tapped a longtime GOP lawyer to be his general legal counsel when he takes office in January. Gianforte’s transition team announced Monday that Anita Milanovich will be the top lawyer in the Republican governor’s administration. 

Milanovich has long fought for conservative causes in both state and federal courts. Her law practice, based in Butte, focuses on constitutional, election and campaign finance law. 

Montana House of Representatives.

Montana lawmakers elected leaders Wednesday to shape legislative priorities during the 2021 session. Individual caucus meetings showed a stark contrast in how Republicans and Democrats will approach governing during the coronavirus pandemic.

MTPR’s Shaylee Ragar and YPR's Kevin Trevellyan covered the gatherings from the Capitol. They discuss their reporting.

Montana Governor elect Greg Gianforte on Monday announced a joint transition advisory team to identify and review candidates to serve as the next directors for the state Department of Commerce and the Department of Labor and Industry.

The 10 person advisory team includes representatives from the construction, roofing and insurance industries, higher education and present and former leaders of trade associations. A Billings hotel and restaurant owner is also on Gianforte’s COVID-19 transition advisory team.

Montana Governor-elect Greg Gianforte Tuesday announced more transition advisory teams to review candidates to serve in his cabinet.

The latest teams will review candidates to serve as the next directors for the state Department of Revenue and the Department of Agriculture.

In a press release announcing the 10 person team looking into the next head of the revenue department, Gianforte said he’ll work to “cut taxes for all Montana taxpayers.” Tax cuts were included in Gianforte’s goals stated during his campaign for the Governor's office.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock proposed a two-year state budget on Nov. 16 that he says preserves essential services while boosting education and infrastructure spending. YPR News’ Kevin Trevellyan reports it’s the two term Democratic governor’s final budget proposal.

During a news conference at the capitol, Bullock proposed using $75 million, or two thirds of the state’s rainy day reserve, to offset revenue drop offs from the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks logo on the side of a department truck.
Josh Burnham / Montana Public Radio

Montana's Republican Governor-elect Greg Gianforte announced his transition advisory team for the department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks. 

A press release Monday says the team will review candidates for the next director of FWP. 

Republican Montana Governor-elect Greg Gianforte Friday announced his joint transition advisory team for two agencies key to managing the state’s natural resources.

A news release says the team will review candidates to serve as the next directors of the Department of Environmental Quality and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

Gianforte campaigned on a promise to get rid of what he called needless delays in permitting and create good-paying Montana jobs.

Active coronavirus cases by Montana County, November 10, 2020.
Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Republican Governor-elect Greg Gianforte has put together a task force that will help inform the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic when he assumes office in January.

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Montana’s next governor, Congressman Greg Gianforte, took the first step Friday to make good on his campaign promise to install new leaders at state agencies. Three days after winning the executive office, Gianforte is taking applications for top state jobs.