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Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

A bill that would ban sport hunting of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states gets a hearing in a U.S. House committee Wednesday. It would extend protections for grizzlies even if they’re removed from the endangered species list.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commission Thursday unanimously approved draft grizzly bear hunting regulations. Dan Vermillion, chair of the Commission, says it’s a very preliminary step.

Grizzly bear at Swan Lake Flats in Yellowstone National Park.
Jim Peaco (PD)

The controversy over the federal government’s proposal to remove grizzly bears from the Endangered Species List in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is pushing thousands to speak out.

Rules Drafted For ProposeDraft map showing grizzly bear management units in Montana.d Grizzly Hunting Season
Courtesy Montana FWP

Draft rules for hunting grizzly bears in Montana were released Wednesday.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Spokesman Ron Aasheim says the proposed rules are part of the bigger-picture effort to take Yellowstone area grizzlies off of the federal endangered species list.

Grizzly Bear advocate Doug Peacock penned the letter asking President Obama to retain endangered species protections for Yellowstone-area grizzlies.
Eric Whitney

Jane Goodall and other prominent wildlife biologists have signed onto a letter asking President Obama to retain endangered species act protections for Yellowstone-area grizzly bears.

Quammen: Yellowstone At Risk Of Being Loved To Death

Apr 27, 2016
Yellowstone National Park. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River from Artist Point.
© Michael Nichols/National Geographic

The May issue of National Geographic Magazine is devoted to Yellowstone National Park: America’s Wild Idea. Bozeman-based writer David Quammen - who wrote the entire issue - talks Yellowstone history, and why the park is at risk of being loved to death.

David Mattson is just inside the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness north of YNP, holding a limber pine, one of several pine species threatened by climate change which grizzlies use as a food source.
Eric Whitney

On Monday we aired an interview with Dan Ashe, the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. That agency has proposed removing Yellowstone area grizzly bears from the endangered species list. Today we’ll hear from David Mattson, a retired bear biologist and prominent critic who thinks that’s a bad idea.

Critics Raise Concerns Over GYE Grizzly Delisting Proposal
Allen Harris (CC-BY-NC-ND-2)

At a two-day meeting in West Yellowstone that wraps up today, representatives of state, federal and tribal agencies raised several concerns about the proposed removal of the Yellowstone area grizzly bear from the endangered species list.

A chart on display at the public meeting on grizzly delisting in Bozeman Tuesday.
Eric Whitney

In Bozeman Tuesday, more than 200 people came to a public hearing and information session on delisting Yellowstone area grizzly bears.

Grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe joins us to explain why his agency believes Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzlies are ready to come off the endangered species list.

Rules Drafted For Proposed Grizzly Hunting Season
Oregon State University (CC-BY-SA-2)

Two public input meetings on the proposal to remove Yellowstone-area grizzlies from the Endangered Species list are now scheduled. One will be at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman on Tuesday, April 12. It will follow a meeting one day earlier in Cody, Wyoming.