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When the ingredients list for his favorite brand of peanut butter suddenly included sugar and palm oil, Food Guy Jon Jackson decided to make his own. A cup and a half of inexpensive roasted, salted Spanish peanuts, a dash of high-quality peanut oil, and a three-minute whirl in the food processor later, Jon had six ounces of tasty, sugar-free homemade peanut butter. 

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It took Food Guy Greg Patent a long time to warm up to winter squash, but now he's such a squash-champion, he incorporated it into a salad recipe. Winter squashes are excellent roasted. Their natural sugars caramelize in a hot oven to lend a terrific umami oomph to not only the squash but to the beets and potatoes that join them in this recipe. Greg writes:

Asian Sauces Can Pep Up Your Cooking

Nov 11, 2018
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Asian sauces add zip to more than just Chinese dishes; they can pep up barbecue, chili, duck, chicken or broccoli. Chinese chefs use these off-the-shelf sauces in their kitchens, so you can, too.  Oyster sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, chili paste, black bean sauce with garlic, plum sauce, satay sauce, sriracha: all of them keep well on the shelf or in the fridge. They'll serve as a condiment, a spice, or a marinade. 

Recipe: Cecilia Chiang Shrimp

Oct 28, 2018
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Food Guy Greg Patent stays alert for new ways to cook shrimp. When a friend pointed out this recipe by legendary 98-year-old retired San Francisco restauranteur, Cecilia Chiang, Greg made a beeline for it.  He dresses up its simplicity with added vegetables, ginger and garlic, transforming it into a delightful main dish.

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Nancy Silverton's recipe for sourdough bagels comes from her classic book, Breads From The La Brea Bakery. Food Guy and "Baking Wizard" Greg Patent doesn't rely on Silverton's beloved recipe to satisfy just his summertime bagel-baking jones. He even uses a sourdough starter begun years ago following Silverton's in-depth instructions. 

Apple Tart Lessons

Oct 15, 2018
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Food Guy Jon Jackson knows his apple varieties, so when he decided that a tart made from a sauce of Discovery apples would be a winner, he was correct. He just had to wait a day. Jon's story highlighted a lesson that other Food Guy, Greg "The Baking Wizard" Patent, learned years ago: the flavor of tarts and pies sometimes improves with age.

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Kulebyaka ("koo lebYA-ka"), the multi-layered "king" of salmon pies of the Russian Far East, is an excellent party dish because on party day, you can simply roll out the pastry, assemble the kulebyaka a couple of hours before serving, and bake and serve the pie warm.

Pork Barrel: How To Barbecue For A Crowd

Sep 23, 2018

"Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start."  - Anthony Bourdain

From Korea to Kansas City, Brazil to Cleveland, people love to smoke meat over wood or charcoal. Food Guy Jon Jackson attended a family gathering where forty people enjoyed the host's clever technique for barbecuing pork ribs en masse.


August had just begun when a friend delivered my first hand-me-down squash of the summer: a round, green variegated giant that had reached the size of a jack-o-lantern seemingly overnight, just the way squash like to do.

Later in the kitchen, I eyed down the squash and started my perennial should-I-grill-it-or-make-zucchini-bread debate. I suspect some version of this dilemma could be ages old.

Wednesday a joint U.S. House and Senate committee began a potentially week-long process of reconciling two versions of the Farm Bill. The current bill expires at the end of this month.

Small farm owners in the Flathead Valley worry one version could severely impact SNAP benefits in Montana.