Flathead Reservation

Teri Loring Dahle runs a graphic design company. She attended the conference to network with other native business owners.
Katie Riordan

Some estimate that as much as 90 cents of every dollar that enters Montana’s seven Indian reservations may end up being spent elsewhere. State policy makers like Casey Lozar say that’s because there’s a severe lack of business opportunities on tribal lands, and it’s bleeding local economies dry.

Juneau Launches Reservations Campaign Tour

Apr 20, 2016
Bronte Wittpenn

Congressional candidate Denise Juneau was in Pablo Tuesday to kick off a month-long campaign tour of Montana’s seven Indian reservations.

Juneau said her visit to the Flathead Reservation was as much about talking to potential voters as it was about sending a strong message that their vote counts.

“You know there is power in the native vote and I think that realization is coming to fruition in these communities,” Juneau said.


About 13,000 people on the Flathead Reservation were without electricity for several hours longer than expected during a planned power outage this weekend.

Montana Schools are getting half a million dollars in federal grant money to improve math and science instruction.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau says a chunk of those funds will go to math programs on the Flathead Reservation. Juneau’s office says over the past five years American Indians’ rate of proficiency in math and science is 30 percent lower than white Montanans.

Life on a reservation can tend toward a pattern of wounds difficult to mend by young natives.

15-year-olds Kianna Finley and Gabby Houle live on the Flathead reservation. They say at times they are surrounded by a discouraging way of living - one of substance abuse and loss.

House Narrowly Approves Flathead Water Compact

Apr 15, 2015

Wednesday afternoon the Montana House narrowly approved the Flathead Reservation Water Compact after more than three hours of debate on the House floor.

Judge James Manley today ruled the portion of the water compact unconstitutional that protects members of a yet-to-be-created water compact board from being sued.
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The contentious Flathead Reservation water compact appears to be taking the same convoluted path to the House floor as the Medicaid expansion bill did last week.

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The Montana State Capitol was bustling with activity Saturday, as literal busloads of people arrived from the Flathead Valley to weigh in on the controversial Flathead Reservation compact that will settle tribal water rights and determine how much water farmers and ranchers of that region will receive in future years.

Flathead Water Compact On Saturday's Legislative Agenda

Apr 10, 2015
Montana Capitol.
William Marcus / Montana Public Radio

The Montana Legislature is holding a special weekend hearing Saturday for the hundreds expected to come to speak their mind on the Salish Kootenai water compact. If passed, the compact would outline water rights on and around the Flathead Reservation.

Montana Tribal Colleges Seek Equality In Funding

Mar 31, 2015

Montana has the most tribal colleges in the country, and it’s the only state with one on every reservation. But together, all seven tribal colleges educate hundreds of non-tribal students as well, many of them white students.

Laura John, a tribal analyst with the Montana Budget and Policy Center says non-Tribal student enrollment in tribal colleges is growing.

"The tribal colleges have seen, overall, a 25 percent increase between 2009 and what’s projected for 2016-2017," according to John.