UM is currently registering middle school girls for the “Expanding Your Horizons” STEM conference in April. This is its third year running. It’s geared towards keeping middle school girls interested in STEM careers.
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A University of Montana study found that although many Montana students are proficient in science and math, about 75 percent of them don’t end up pursuing these fields as careers - particularly women. Women make up fewer than a quarter of all STEM professionals in the U.S.—jobs in science, technology, engineering and math. Yet they are half the workforce.

Flathead Valley Community College
Flathead Valley Community College

Flathead Valley Community College released their enrollment numbers for their spring semester, and there has been a decrease in the number of full-time students.

Recruiters representing over 70 employers from across the region visited the University of Montana this week.
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Hospitals and clinics across Montana have long had a hard time recruiting doctors and nurses to serve the state’s needs. That can be true of other healthcare professions, too, like therapists, pharmacists and technicians. A new analysis this year says demand for healthcare workers in Montana is going to grow by 40 percent in the next 10 years.

Graduation Matters Montana is now accepting applications for the 2016 Challenge Fund. Submissions must be completed by March 4. It will provide more than $190,000 in competitive grants statewide.

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There will soon be more job openings in Montana than qualified workers to fill those positions. State government and educational leaders briefed Missoula’s business community on Tuesday about the impending problem.

Montana High School Graduation Rate Rises

Jan 13, 2016
Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau
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Montana’s high school graduation rate has never been higher. Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau announced today at Missoula’s Sentinel High School that 86 percent of students graduated in 2015. That’s a jump of nearly 6 percent since 2009.

research found the biggest reasons for teacher turnover isn’t retirement, changing careers or moving for family reasons. Teachers were just unhappy with their jobs.

Today, an interim legislative committee looked into why schools have such a hard time finding and retaining qualified teachers.

University of Pennsylvania researcher Richard Ingersoll told state lawmakers that the problem isn’t a shortage of teachers, as much as it is teacher turnover. And keeping those teachers from leaving the profession.

Anton Gabrielson, a student at Missoula College hopes to trade in his hiking boots for a stint as a long-haul truck driver.

"Coming from a background as a wilderness ranger I’m attracted to the nomadic aspect of being a long-haul truck driver. I think I’m well-suited for that lifestyle, at least for a few years.”

First Montana Common Core Test Results Are In

Dec 21, 2015
Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau visited Heart Butte last week to kick off the Schools of Promise program. She talked with students, parents and school staff about what the million dollar grant means for the school.
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The results are in for Montana’s new Common Core education assessment, Smarter Balanced.

In the schools that were tested, 38 percent of students scored proficient in math and 45 percent scored proficient in English.

Missoula County Public Schools Superintendent Mark Thane says he’s “extremely grateful” for Tuesday’s 11th-hour victory of a $70 million high school bond issue. Local voters passed it as well as an $88 million dollar elementary bond. The levies will pay for local school maintenance, renovations, remodeling and technology and security updates.