Eastern Montana

Veterans suicide prevention hotline.
Montana Veterans Administration

2018 was a good year for veterans health care in Montana, but the Veterans Administration needs to do a better job connecting vets in crisis to help to bring their persistently high suicide rate down. Montana has averaged more than one veteran suicide per week over the last five years.

That assessment is from Dr. Kathy Berger, CEO of the Montana Veterans Health Administration, who gave the agency’s annual “state of the VA” presentation to a couple of dozen people in Helena Tuesday night. She said that, in general, funding is not an issue for the Montana VA. Berger said her budget increased by more than $63 million last year.

'Field Notes': Water-Loving Willows

Nov 10, 2015
Cottonwoods, a member of the Salicaceae family, are a common sight across Montana.
Flickr user Jon Hurd (CC-BY-2.0)

Amidst the rugged gumbo-ridge landscape of more easterly Montana, water is everything. With hotter summers than the western half of our state, and with drier winters, the Montana of my childhood does not have the many deep, clear, blue lakes that look up from the covers of most Montana travel brochures. It is the small, isolated watering holes dotting the prairies that sustain life here.

Tess Fahlgren & Richard Hugo: Montana's Other Face

Jun 26, 2015
Richard Hugo
Poetry Dispatch

Tess Fahlgren knows that art can thrive in the isolated prairie towns of Eastern Montana. "Driving Montana," by Richard Hugo, is a poet's tribute to Montana's small towns and open vistas, and the creativity that connects them.