There are hundreds of microbreweries scattered across the Mountain West. In fact, in parts of our region there are more breweries per capita than most anywhere else in the country.

Many of them sell their beers in aluminum cans. So with the Trump administration’s proposal to slap a steep tariff on imported aluminum, the beer industry is feeling nervous.

The KettleHouse Amphitheater sits along the bank of the Big Blackfoot River, just north of the new KettleHouse Brewing facility and the old lumber mill in Bonner, MT.
Josh Burnham

A new outdoor music venue is opening in Bonner, MT, just east of Missoula.

The KettleHouse Amphitheater, with its sleek integration of wood paneling and boulders, complements the scenic backdrop of the Blackfoot Valley. It’s located at the Bonner Mill Industrial Park, just north of the new KettleHouse Brewing facility and the old lumber mill along the banks of the Big Blackfoot River.

Montana Legislature Eases Restrictions On Craft Breweries

Apr 14, 2017
Under the new bill, craft brewers will now be able to sell beer in tasting rooms on premises and still can and keg up to 60,000 barrels a year.
Kelli Whithorn (CC-BY-2)

A bill that would allow larger Montana craft breweries to sell beer in tasting rooms has passed the state Legislature.

Brewers And Bars Broker Agreement On Montana Taproom Laws

Apr 6, 2017
Selling more liquor licenses would raise between $2.5 million and $4 millin for the state.

HELENA -- Brewers, distributors and the Montana Tavern Association came to an agreement Thursday in the wrangling at the Legislature over how much beer each type of brewery can brew and still sell beer in their taprooms.

Bill Would Raise Production Limits For Montana Breweries

Mar 22, 2017

Nearly a dozen brewers testified at the Montana Legislature today on a bill that would raise a small brewery's production cap six fold.

Matt Leow with the Montana Brewers Association says raising the 10,000 barrel limit for small operations to 60,000 would unleash potential for Montana brewers.