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Recipe: Tart Cherry Streusel Tart

Jul 26, 2020
tart pie cherries
Rita E. (Pixabay)

Greg Patent makes the most of tart cherry season by preserving as much of the fruit as he can while setting aside cherries for this recipe. "Fresh sour pie cherries are as precious as rubies," Greg writes. "Bright and shiny like the gems they resemble, the sour Montmorency cherries have a short season (only 2 to 3 weeks in July) in western Montana, so I always pick some off a neighbor’s tree to use fresh and enough to freeze."

Lockdown Baking With The Food Guys

Jul 6, 2020
sourdough brioche
Pixabay (Tania Delosbasques)

Frequent baker and Food Guy Greg Patent complains about his fellow locked-down bakers buying up all the flour in March and April 2020. "Sounds like the flour was coming by Conestoga wagon," says Food Guy Jon Jackson.

angel food cake
Quinn Kampschroer (Pixabay)

Food Guy Greg Patent writes about angel food cake: "If you want to create pure baking magic, and have an air-raising experience, make an angel food cake.  Air, and air alone raises it to cloud-like puffiness. How to manage that?  Read on to find out!

Who Put The Hole In The Doughnut?

Feb 2, 2020
Homemade doughnuts
Karolina Grabowska (Pixabay)

"They say that man cannot live by doughnuts alone, but I say: why not?"  - "Food Guy" Jon Jackson.

This week, The Food Guys sprinkle out bits of doughnut history and glaze them with doughnut-baking tips. It turns out that American-style doughnuts are actually Dutch, and they didn't always have a hole in the middle.

Baking Yeast: Which Kind Do You Knead?

Jan 26, 2020
sourdought starter
Thomas Bock (Pixabay)

The Food Guys react to a March 2018 post published at the Serious Eats blog by cookbook writer Stella Parks (BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts) titled "All Abouty Dry Yeast: Instant, Active Dry, Fast-Acting and More." 


Food Guy, home baker and sugar-slasher Jon Jackson muses about why, when it comes to baking, so many recipes call for so much of the sweet stuff. "I wonder if there wasn't a little bit of mission creep when sugar began to get very inexpensive, after World War Two." Food Guy Greg Patent recommends reducing the sugar in any given recipe by 1/4. If the taste and texture don't suffer, then next time, reduce it by another 1/4.

Recipe: Lime-Avocado Cheesecake

Dec 8, 2019
Flickr user kaz k (CC-BY-2)

Avocado-Lime Cheesecake with Oatmeal Brittle Crust and Gingered Blueberry Sauce

This is a rich, creamy, smooth, no-bake cheesecake with a crust made from oatmeal brittle, oats, and walnuts. A gingered blueberry sauce, sweetened with some of the powdered brittle, adds a zesty finish. Make the brittle first. You’ll have much more than you need for the crust and sauce, so you can enjoy leftovers as a special candy treat.

Summer Apples: To Bake, Or Not To Bake?

Aug 19, 2019

"I didn't even KNOW some apples ripen in July." So asserts Food Guy Jon Jackson -  in spite of the quarts of applesauce he cooks each year from White Transparents, one of Montana's summer apples. When it comes to early apples, Other Food Guy Greg Patent, a.k.a. The Baking Wizard, needs to know: can you BAKE with them?

Pear Tart-Off: Tatin Vs. Galette

Jan 20, 2019
Alpha (CC-BY-2.0)

"Food Guy" Jon Jackson loves a good French pear tart. "I once went to Paris once specifically to get some pear tarts, and you know, the people there were anxious for me to have them." Jon asks Other "Food Guy" Greg Patent: is it worth trying to substitute pears for apples in tarte tatin, the Hotel Tatin's signature caramelized upside-down apple tart recipe?

Flickr user, JeffreyW (CC-BY-20)

When "Food Guy" Greg Patent, who had been sitting on a bottle of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil - made with black Taggiasca olives and wrapped up to protect it from the ravages of daylight - discovered food writer Samim Nosrat's Netflix series, "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat," serendipity struck in the form of Nosrat's recipe for Ligurian focaccia.