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Author interviews, food, natural history, poetry, and more from "The Write Question", "The Food Guys", "Field Notes", "Home Ground Radio", "Front Row Center", and "Reflections West".

Tim Pollard is an author, speaker and Founder/CEO of Oratium.

Most of what we know about communicating is wrong, says Tim Pollard, author, speaker and Founder/CEO of Oratium. In his books, “The Compelling Communicator” and “Mastering the Moment,” He outlines how the brain communicates information. More importantly, he details how to successfully design and execute communication in ways that people will understand.

In the first part of this double episode, outgoing host Sarah Aronson chats with new host Lauren R. Korn about bodies, poetry and the publishing industry, and her hopes for the future of The Write Question.

In part two, Lauren puts Sarah in the proverbial hot seat, asking Sarah about her debut collection of poetry, And Other Bodiless Powers, about whimsy, longing — and what’s next.

Help us welcom Lauren R. Korn who's taking over for Sarah Aronson as the new host of The Write Question.

Lauren comes to TWQ with plenty of experience: among a host of bookish positions, she's a former Fact and Fiction Books bookseller, she's the current Director of the Montana Book Festival, and she's had her page-turning fingers dipped in journal editing, managing, and design.


Intermountain Opera Bozeman is a very well regarded professional opera company that has been in operation since 1979. The onset of COVID-19 coincided with their hiring of new interim artistic director, Michael Sakir.

Listen now as Sakir talks with MTPR's Tom Berich about how Intermountain's season has evolved and how Montanans can be involved.

Julia Tai

Born in Taiwan, Julia Tai has quickly become one of the rising stars of the ensemble conducting world, and the Missoula Symphonic Orchestra and Chorale is honored to have her to accept the position of Music Director and Conductor. Julia has proven to be the ideal candidate for the position due to her broad experience in all aspects of the job beyond conducting an orchestra.

Listen now as she speaks with MTPR's Tom Berich.

In November 2020, for most workers in the U.S., "business as usual" feels like a fairy tale. Working remotely, many parents are scrambling to handle their kids' education alongside their own jobs - or they've left the workplace altogether. Millions of others cope with unemployment, while "essential" on-site workers struggle to protect themselves and their families from workplace spread of COVID-19.

When the wild ride of the pandemic coasts to a stop, what will "normal" look like? This time on Can Do, Arnie Sherman talks with Stacy Maloney and Beth Humberd about the future of work.

Recipe: Butterflied Whole Chicken

Nov 22, 2020
roast chicken

Food Guy Greg Patent describes how to roast a 3-5 pound butterflied whole chicken, basted with herb-garlic-butter paste:

The Art Of Books, And Prints From The New Deal

Nov 20, 2020
(published by Vincent FitzGerald and Co, 1992, #10/50 copies signed and dated).
Montana Museum of Art and Culture

The Montana Museum of Art and Culture has two very different and thoroughly unique exhibits currently on display. "Bookish" which displays books as physical works of art; and "Works In Progress" highlighting original art funded by the US federal government between 1932 and the beginning of World War II.

Learn more now as Director of The Montana Museum of Art and Culture Rafael Chacone talks with MTPR's Tom Berich.

When Wildlife Remain Elusive, Follow The Clues

Nov 18, 2020
Elk herd, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park
Jim Peaco - NPS (PD)

A couple of weekends ago, some friends and I got up early to drive into the Flint Creek Range near Anaconda.  We planned to hike through an area that we’d been told was home to some 800 elk, 150 big horn sheep, 30 mountain goats, black bear, and moose.  We walked up the trail with great anticipation for a day of spectacular wildlife viewing. 

Brouwer family barn near Manhattan, MT.

Barns are the centerpiece of any farm or ranch. Montana features a rich heritage connected to barns. There are more than 6,000 historic barns in the state, but that number is rapidly falling. It’s a difficult dilemma for farmers and ranchers; when to hold on or when to let go.

"Keeping the Barn" from MonanaPBS follows the Brouwer family, near Manhattan, as they struggle with the cost and complication of fixing the roof on their barn. They discover it is no easy task maintaining their piece of history.