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Aaron Teasdale

Lee Nye portraits on the wall of Charlie B's bar in Missoula, previously called Eddie's Club.
Aaron Teasdale

“Without the portraits, the bar was just another place”: Celebrating ‘A Corner of Space and Time’ with Jean Belangie-Nye, Ben Ferencz, and Aaron Teasdale

Take a dive down Missoula’s memory lane! This week, Lauren chats with Jean Belangie-Nye, Ben Ferencz, and Aaron Teasdale, the creators behind A Corner of Space and Time: Lee Nye's Eddie's Club Portraits, a book of photography and stories celebrating beloved photographer and bartender Lee Nye, as well as the men and women who became his subjects—and his friends.

The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area is one of the crown jewels of the entire Wilderness system. Formed at the conjunction of two of the Rockies’ great mountain ranges, together the Absarokas and Beartooths make up a sublime roadless wilderness that fully deserves this country’s highest level of protection for our shared public lands. In this interview, Traute Parrie, Mary Manning, and Aaron Teasdale discuss this unique area's features as well as tensions and values in preserving wild lands.