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Simple Bequest to MTPR

Remembering Montana Public Radio in your will is easy to do.

One listener who made a bequest in his will told us, “It’s like leaving a gift of public radio for my family and community.”

Leaving a gift in your will to MTPR will insure that the vital news service and excellent cultural programming you enjoy now will be available for future generations in Montana. 

The most common way to make a simple bequest is to designate a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate (or remainder of your estate ).  You can also leave a gift of paid life insurance, an IRA, stocks or bonds. 

Here is sample language for an unrestricted gift to MTPR:

I give an unrestricted gift of ... (pick one)

  • cash gift of $__________  or
  • ______% of my estate (or ____% of the remainder of my estate) or
  • ______ shares of (XYZ stock, bond or mutual fund)

To discuss a bequest to MTPR contact: Anne Hosler, MTPR Director of Membership, 406-243-4214 or 800-325-1565.