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A goat nibbling a book on top of a stack of books
Children's Corner
Saturday 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Ease into your weekend with songs and stories for kids of all ages.

Your host, Sam is guided by 50 years of MTPR Children’s program traditions and the excitement of sharing new and newly discovered stories, songs, and music. Guests are often coaxed to rise early Saturday mornings for a visit. Those who set their alarms early have included New York Times #1 best-selling authors, Grandma Dowdell (aka David Mills-Low), bagpipers and drummers, and Mrs. Stauffer’s 4th-grade class students.

A little mischief is often on the menu, as well as thoughtful and thought-provoking programming and just plain fun!

The Children’s Corner is part of Montana Public Radio’s comment to our younger listeners. Join us for our sister program, The Pea Green Boat, which airs Monday-Friday from 4-5 pm.

When not in Master control, Sam attempts to keep a herd of dairy goats out of his neighbor’s yard, though with limited success, learning along the way that “a well-behaved goat is a sick goat” and “if the wind can get through a fence, so can a goat”.

Live simply
Care deeply
Love generously
Speak and act in kindness – especially at home and Listen with all your heart – especially to those you might disagree with

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