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Climate Change In Greater Yellowstone With Cathy Whitlock And Steven Hostetler

Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment

Today's guests are Dr. Cathy Whitlock, Regents Professor of Paleoecology at Montana State University, and Dr. Steven Hostetler, Hydrologist at the Northern Rocky Mountains Science Center of the US Geological Survey.

These two are the lead authors of the recently published Greater Yellowstone Area Climate Assessment. The front matter of the assessment perhaps says it best: "The Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment draws on the best-available science to provide a basis for understanding the consequences of climate change in the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA). Compared to both distant and recent past, temperatures are increasing, snowfall is decreasing, and peak stream flow is occurring earlier. These climate trends are projected to continue and accelerate in the future."

Transcript here:


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