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In Yellowstone sometimes it's what they don't know that matters most

May 29, 2013

Scientists and others will gather in Yellowstone National Park for three days early next week to discuss what they know about the geothermal system in the Old Faithful area. The meeting will take place at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, and will be open to the public.

We're into the first paragraph of a book that's a very good mystery, and the other chapters of that book are yet to be written

In this evening's feature story, Edward O'Brien speaks with Yellowstone National Park Geologist, Dr. Hank Heasler(that's pronounced HESS'-ler), about this conference and what scientists know - or perhaps more to the point - don't know about the Old Faithful area's geothermal system.

Old Faithful
Credit National Park Service

He describes it as the world's greatest concentration of geysers; and it takes a unique set of geological features to make it all happen: