Yellowstone Drone Problems Don't Plague Glacier

Sep 4, 2014

Credit National Park Service

A German man has been charged with four misdemeanors related to crashing a drone into Yellowstone Lake this summer. In addition to violating the park’s ban on unmanned aircraft, Andreas Meissner is charged with filming without a permit, leaving property unattended, and giving a false report to authorities in the July 17 incident.

Yellowstone National Park Spokesman Al Nash says Meisner is not the only person to be cited for flying a drone in the park.

“We’ve actually charged three different people regarding use of unmanned aircraft in Yellowstone this summer,” Nash says.

Yellowstone banned unmanned aircraft in June.  Marsh says Park authorities haven’t been able to contact everyone who’s violated the ban.

”This seems to be a circumstance that rapidly evolved this year,” he says. “We’ve seen a great number of complaints, and we’ve been able to track down and file charges in the three most egregious that we’ve been able to confirm.”

It’s a different story in Glacier National Park, where drones are also banned, says spokeswoman Denise Germann.

“There has not been a lot of activity,” she says. “ There has been some interest, and we’ve worked with some local individuals and organizations, talking about what’s allowed in Glacier, and so far to date most folks are respecting that. We haven’t had any citations that we’ve issued in this particular situation.”

Germann says that so far this year, no Glacier visitors have complained about drones in the park.