Withdrawing From Paris Climate Accord 'Short Sighted And Dangerous' Bullock Says

Jun 1, 2017

Montana Governor Steve Bullock describes President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord as, “short sighted and dangerous.”

Bullock, a Democrat, released a statement Thursday saying climate change is real and poses a direct threat to Montana’s way of life and economy.

The regional representative for the National Wildlife Federation, David Dittloff, agrees:

“I think some of the renewable energy potential that Montana holds – wind and solar, we’re a darn windy state and pretty sunny in most of it as well – we’ll be losing those opportunities as those investment dollars will be going to other places more likely," Dittloff says.

Trump claims the international agreement is less about climate than it is other nations gaining financial advantage over the U.S.

Many Republican and conservatives agrees, saying the Paris Accord would restrict the use of fossil fuels and therefore put a choke-hold on American industry and economic development.

Trump says the U.S. will begin negotiations to re-enter the Paris Accord or an entirely new climate agreement.