Widespread Drought In Montana Unlikely In 2019, Advisory Committee Says

Apr 17, 2019

Most of Montana is not showing signs of drought, but there are a few noteworthy exceptions.

Experts aren’t worried about widespread drought conditions this spring in Montana. But the governor’s Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee was told in Helena Wednesday that there are a handful of parched areas.

Those drier-than-normal areas include pockets of northwest, northeast and south-central Montana.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Megan Syner, however, told the committee that when it comes to precipitation, “Most areas are still above normal.”

Syner told the committee that Montana has a 33 to 40 percent chance of above-normal precipitation from May through July, especially along  the state’s southern half. Temperatures during that time are forecast to be a bit warmer than normal, especially in western Montana.

Most of Montana avoided significant springtime flooding this year. Syner credits gradual warming daytime temperatures, cool overnight temps and an overall lack of heavy rainfall.

The Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee plans to meet again in mid to late June before the start of the summer season.