Montana Public Radio

"War of the Worlds" Audio

Oct 31, 2013

If you missed the live broadcast on October 30th, 2013, there's no cause for alarm; here it is, tentacles, tote bags, and all: Montana Public Radio's 75 anniversary re-enactment of the 1938 Orson Welles-Mercury Theatre radio drama, "War of the Worlds," along with director Ray Ekness's Montana adaptation of the play. The Orson Welles version repeats on Thursday, October 31st,2013, 1:00pm; the Ray Ekness version repeats Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, 1:05pm.

Right to left: Terry Conrad and William Marcus as Announcer 1 and Orson Welles.

CAST (Original Broadcast)

Orson Welles/Professor Pierson - William Marcus
Announcer #2 - Michael Marsolek
Carla Phillip - Annie Garde
Mr. Wilmuth/Commander/Operator #3/Voice - Saxon Holbrook
Announcer #3/Officer/Operator 2/Voices - Pattie Corrigan
Brig. Gen. Smith/Operator 1/Voices - Ray Fanning
Harriet McDonald/Observer/Operator 5/Voices - Anna Rau
Capt. Lansing/Gunner/Operator 4/Voices - John Twiggs
Sec’y of the Interior/Stanger/Voices - Gus Chambers
Announcer #1 - Terry Conrad

CAST (Montana Version)

Announcer 1/Professor Peterson - Terry Conrad
Pledge Host 1/Voices - Annie Garde
Pledge Host 2/Voices - William Marcus
News Anchor - John Twiggs
Sandy Wells - Anna Rau
Joe Douglas/Voices - Gus Chambers
Pilot/Voices - Saxon Holbrook
Gen. Jones/Co-pilot/Voices - Ray Fanning
Stranger - Michael Marsolek


Audio Engineer - Beth Anne Austein
Engineering/Support - Tim Martin, Ivy Wells, Danny Dauterive
Director - Ray Ekness

Left to right: Michael Marsolek, John Twiggs and Saxon Holbrook as Announcer 2, Captain Lansing, and Commander.

Annie Garde and Ray Fanning as Carla Phillips and Brig. General Smith.

Gus Chambers as the Secretary of the Interior, the Stranger, and the, like, dude on Mount Sentinel.

Left to right: Anna Rau and Patty Corrigan Ekness as the gunner and officer, simulating the sound of speech through gas masks.