Montana Public Radio

UM Summer Enrollment Numbers Continue To Grow

Aug 19, 2019

Summer enrollment spiked for the second year in a row at the University of Montana, with over 3,000 students taking summer classes. This is the highest summer enrollment since 2014, about a 3% increase from last year.

"It’s not just a time to catch up but it’s a time that they can focus on more difficult courses, have smaller class sizes and more individualized attention, and participate in these transformational learning opportunities," says Director of UM Summer Grace Gardner.

Since 2011, UM’s enrollment has dropped by nearly 30% for the academic year. Garnder said she is unsure whether summer session could be a predictor of higher fall enrollment, which should be released in late September.

Summer students were offered tutoring and discounted housing. Gardner says the University is planning on expanding course offerings, creating a program for high school students to earn college credit, and adding more student support services.

Nearly 500 students graduated this summer, a 16% increase from last year. The enrollment bump at Missoula College was slightly higher.