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UM Fundraising Campaign Tops $400 Million

Oct 11, 2019

The University of Montana has exceeded the $400 million goal of the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. The seven-year initiative known as "Campaign Montana – Think Big. Be Bold" quietly launched over six years ago. By the time the campaign publicly launched a year ago, donors had already pledged $325 million.

Cindy Williams is President and CEO of the UM Foundation.

"Over the past year generous donors have provided over $74 million to benefit every UM student, college, school and program," she says.

Those donations through late September pushed the campaign total just north of $401 million. That’s nearly a year before the campaign is scheduled to end.

Williams says that generosity is directly improving the quality of education for UM students.

"Donors have helped to elevate the number of endowed faculty positions during this campaign. We’ve had 15 new endowed positions created. There have been 10 facilities that have been enhanced or constructed to provide enriched learning environment for students.”

The philanthropic gifts have also provided $115 million for scholarships and other student support.

The donations are not used to reduce UM’s ongoing deficit. The university has reduced the deficit from $10 million to an anticipated $4 million through next year.

The Campaign Montana fundraising initiative continues through next summer.