Uber Now Licensed To Operate In Montana

Dec 15, 2015

Uber, the booming ride-sharing platform that allows just about anyone to turn their car into a taxi business, is now legal in Montana.

Public Service Commission spokesperson Eric Sell says Uber’s October 20 application for a license to operate in Montana was granted in a four to one vote by the Commissioners.

“They can turn their app on this afternoon and operate right away.”

Uber's ride-request app.
Credit Courtesy Uber

While Uber’s mobile based platform can now operate in Montana just like it does in other states, right now it's more of test-drive for the company to see if state lawmakers like what they see, or if more regulations are needed.

“If there are deficiencies then there will likely be a rule change made at the commission level, or if it has to be a statutory change there will probably be a bill introduced in the legislature if there is problems with how Uber is operating.”

Even though Uber can legally operate in Montana, people who open the app on their phones here still won’t be able to catch a ride. Uber hasn’t yet launched its services in Montana.