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Trail Still Cold In Search For Missing Man In Glacier National Park

Jul 16, 2019

Glacier National Park officials say there has been no sign of a 66-year-old man who's been missing for over a week. The trail where he was last seen is closed because of grizzly bear activity.

Mark Sinclair of Whitefish was last seen on the Highline Trail on July 8 after leaving a vehicle with a dog inside at the Logan Pass parking lot.

Searchers on the ground and in the air have turned up no clues about his disappearance.

Park officials said in a statement Tuesday that searchers plan to suspend ground-search efforts this week unless something substantive is discovered.

The Highline Trail has been temporarily closed after a young grizzly bear charged visitors and wandered close to search teams last weekend.

Park spokeswoman Lauren Alley says there is no evidence Sinclair was attacked by a bear.