State Rolls Out New Driver's License Design

Jan 6, 2016

Montana’s Motor Vehicle Division announced today it is rolling out newly designed driver's license and ID cards.

MVD administrator Sarah Garcia says there was a problem of durability with the old cards, mainly having to do with how the cards were laminated.

“But with these new cards there will be a complete new laminate and seal. There is a thinner feel to the card itself.”

Along with more durable features, Garcia says the cards will have new security features that will help reduce driver's license fraud and identity theft. The background of the card is changing to an image of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, taken by a photographer with Travel Montana.

The 2015 Legislature appropriated $3.7 million to redesign the license cards and update three Driver License Bureau computer platforms, like online scheduling, over the next two years.

The new cards are now available in driver exam stations in Helena, Missoula, Superior, Great Falls, Choteau, and Fort Benton and will be available in Bozeman and Billings later this week.

The new cards will be in all exam stations throughout the state by the end of February.

The old license cards are still valid and drivers don’t need to apply for the updated cards until the current card’s expiration.