State Lawmakers Get Their Chance To Override Governor's Vetoes

May 22, 2019

Veto override attempts are underway for eight bills rejected by Gov. Steve Bullock.

Montana’s Secretary of State is required to send state lawmakers override ballots for vetoed bills that passed with two-thirds support of lawmakers. If two-thirds of ballots from each house come back affirming the bills, they become law.

The bills include a policy to regulate pharmacy benefit managers, tax credits for businesses that hire new workers, and a measure to protect free speech on college campuses.

All of the bills were sponsored by Republicans, but passed with backing from Democrats.

Secretary of State Corey Stapleton also sent out a ballot on a bill about relocating bison, which did not pass with a supermajority.

Stapleton's office said that was a mistake, the ballot will not be counted, and he declined to discuss further specifics.

According to the Secretary of State’s office veto overrides are rare, the last occuring in 1999.