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Some Montanans Still Rushing To Meet Extended Tax Deadline

Jul 14, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic took hold this spring, the federal government postponed the traditional April 15 income tax filing deadline until Wednesday, July 15. The Montana filing deadline falls on the same day.

The move provided some economic and logistic relief for taxpayers dealing with the disruptions and uncertainty brought on by lockdowns, school closures and shuttered businesses.

Montana Department of Revenue spokesperson Sanjay Talwani said that as of two weeks ago, an estimated 30,000 Montanans had still not filed their taxes.

“Certainly, like every year, there’s a lot of people who wait ‘til the last minute, and I think we’re seeing that now,” he said.

Taxpayers must file, or seek an extension, by tomorrow or face a penalty. The Montana Department of Revenue says taxpayers can request a payment plan if the lump sum of taxes is too much of a burden. Officials said those requests are being considered on a case-by-case basis.