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Sherril Jaffe Talks About Creative Inspiration and Stories

Apr 12, 2017

San Francisco-based author Sherril Jaffe talks about creative inspiration and reads from her award-winning collection, You Are Not Alone & Other Stories.

A homeless woman takes up residence in a man's closet; a detective solves cases by feeling the emotions of the perpetrators; a woman happens upon a swingers' club in the back of a tire shop; a couple struggling with their pets' protracted endgame puts out a hit on them; and a man's mother, newly dead and buried, calls him to ask if she can visit.

The fifteen tales in You Are Not Alone & Other Stories are set in San Francisco. Each uses its own dream logic to illuminate the great human themes of death, love, jealousy, anger, desire, and the nature of the soul.

"These are stories where anything can happen, where we root for characters entangled by both everyday life and fantastical predicaments. Humor and loss weave tightly together through these pages, and Sherril Jaffe's formidable imagination and playful prose shine unexpected light on deep emotional truths." — Caitlin Horrocks.

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Sherril Jaffe is the PEN award winning author of ten books. A MacDowell fellow, she holds an MFA from Benninton. Her latest book, You Are Not Alone, is winner of a Spokane Prize for Short Fiction.

The San Francisco Weekly interviews Sherril Jaffe.

Visit Sherril Jaffe's Web site.

Look for You Are Not Alone at Fact & Fiction in Missoula, or at your local independent bookseller.

(Broadcasts: May 2, 2013 and April 13, 2017)