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Seminar Promotes Cross-Border Conservation Solutions

Aug 11, 2015

What's the connection between poachers killing African elephants, and promoting tourism in Seeley Lake, Montana? Find out in this episode of "Home Ground Radio".

Our world of 7 billion humans coexists with and depends on the natural world. Across the globe, nations have set aside what are called protected areas; landscapes where some human activities are regulated. While those landscapes differ widely, there are common issues: economics, politics, the interests of local people, tourism. And in an era of climate change, coordination of management across man-made boundaries.

This summer the U.S. Forest Service and The University of Montana are sponsoring a remarkable exchange. Professionals from nearly 20 nations are visiting Montana for nearly 20 days, exchanging experience and knowledge. Some of the participants join Brian Kahn to discuss conservation management issues that cross national borders.

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