Regulators Clear The Way For Uber & Lyft In Montana

Aug 4, 2015

Montana regulators Tuesday approved new rules to let rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft serve Montanans.

A Senate bill passed last spring spurred the Public Service Commission to pass regulations for a new class of license. The bill no longer allows taxi and limousine operators to block competitors.

Commissioner Travis Kavulla says he’s not interested in regulating how much drivers can charge.

"I think our only public interest obligation really, is lessen the regulation of rates, and more in making sure they’re merely transparent to the customer."

The Commission discussed possible changes in insurance: whether to allow applicants to attest to insurance, or prove they have it.

Commissioners say there will be additional tweaks along the way, but they passed the motion unanimously. These rules will be reviewed August 17 and should be effective by August 27.