Poll Shows Gianforte With Double Digit Lead In U.S. House Race

Apr 26, 2017

A new poll says Greg Gianforte is leading Rob Quist by 15 percentage points in the race for Montana’s U.S. House seat.

Emerson College conducted the survey last week.

A representative sample of voters said they prefer the Republican candidate by a margin of 52 to 37 percent. It has a margin of error of 3.8 percent.

The poll was not commissioned, but conducted independently by Emerson.

The college’s polls are generally respected, but on election day last November, Emerson did predict an "electoral landslide" for Hillary Clinton.

The poll says 7 percent of Montana voters remain undecided in the House race.

County clerks start mailing ballots for the House election on Monday. In-person voting happens May 25.

See a spreadsheet of poll details here.