Poetry, Aphorisms, and Perfect Pie Crust

Nov 27, 2013

A Commonplace Book of Pie, by Kate Lebo

Kate Lebo has created a delightful commonplace book that includes poetry, recipes, illustrations, and a twisty new form of folk wisdom. The conversation during this program includes the definition of a commonplace book, as well as perfect pie crust tips, pie quotes ("We ought to make the pie higher." - George W. Bush), and aphorisms.

About the book:

A Commonplace Book of Pie combines high art, pop culture, practical resource and fantasy zodiac to make a collection of facts -- both real and imagined -- about pie. It’s a poetry book that fits in the cookbook section, a cookbook that resists the demands of traditional recipes. One can read A Commonplace Book of Pie as a fanciful take on what your favorite dessert says about you, or one can read it as a manifesto of, as Heather McHugh describes it, “not so much the secret’s telling as the telling secret.” With full color illustrations by Jessica Lynn Bonin.

The music in this program was written and recorded by John Floridis.

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Kate Lebo

Kate Lebo was raised in the Pacific Northwest by Iowans. She’s lived on the wet half of Washington State almost all her life and currently resides near Portland, Oregon, though she still calls Seattle home. Her writing has appeared in Best New Poets, Gastronomica, and Poetry Northwest among other journals, and she’s currently at work on a cookbook, Pie School: Lessons in Fruit, Flour and Butter, forthcoming from Sasquatch Books in fall 2014.

Jessica Lynn Bonin is a painter and illustrator interested in Americana -- the artifacts and images of our culture -- and how that culture confines and defines us. She lives and works in a former hardware store and lumberyard in Edison, Washington.