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Missoulians Will Vote On $30 Million Library Bond This November

Aug 4, 2016

Missoula voters will be asked to approve a $30 million public library bond this November. County commissioners today unanimously approved the ballot language.

Bond supporters say the existing 42-year-old library is now too small, technologically outdated and energy inefficient.

Scott Stearns is chairman of the bond committee. He says libraries now are different places than they were when Missoula’s was built 42 years ago.

"It’s no longer just serving books. Now there’s computer clusters that provide people access to the internet, the ability to build a resume to get a job. There’s now places where people can tune up their bikes in the back. It’s become one-stop shopping for many Missoulians to participate in our global economy.”

If approved, the bond measure would cost the owner of a $200,000 home about $28 a year.

Critics say Missoulians are now constantly barraged with bond issues and it’s starting to add up.

Scott Stearns describes an updated library as an investment in the community.