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Missoula County Fire Danger Moves To 'High'

Jul 15, 2019

Missoula County fire officials announced Monday they will move fire danger signs to "high" effective immediately.

The U.S. Forest Service's Wildland Fire Assessment System shows at least two other regions with "High" fire danger — north-central and southeast Montana.

As temperatures go up across the state and rain becomes more sparse, dried vegetation becomes fuel for rapidly spreading wildfire.

Outdoor debris burning by permit has been closed since July 2, but firefighters have continued to respond to debris fires across Missoula County in addition to lightning-caused fires. There are currently no other fire restrictions in Montana.

Missoula County fire officials also urged caution with campfires and advised never leaving one unattended until it is cool to the touch.

Fire restrictions are in place in Arizona, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.

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