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Lucy Kaplansky Returns To The 'Musician's Spotlight'

Jul 14, 2020

Lucy Kaplansky returns to Musician’s Spotlight, joining host John Floridis by phone from Cape Cod. She self-produced her most recent recording project, Everyday Street, and released it only through her website. Shawn Colvin joined Lucy on one of the album's songs, “Old Friends."

As the city was being overtaken by Covid-19, Lucy and her family fled New York. Her longtime guitarist and collaborator Larry Campbell was hit hard by the disease, later recovering.

Lucy also talks of the hope she has for progress on racial justice issues, given the response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

She answers questions from listeners about "writing what you know,” her collaborations with other songwriters for projects like Cry, Cry, Cry and Red Horse, and the writing process with her husband, Rich Litvin.

(Broadcast: Musician's Spotlight,  7/14/20. Listen on the radio Tuesdays, 7 p.m., or via podcast.)