Land managers gather to talk about adapting to climate change

Mar 17, 2014

Land managers from Montana, Alberta and British Columbia are gathering in Missoula this week to talk about managing the Crown of the Continent ecosystem for climate change. Participants include government agencies, non-profit organizations, academics and tribal representatives.
    The executive director of the Seattle-based nonprofit organization known as "EcoAdapt", Lara Hansen, is one of the forum's featured speakers.

Executive Director of "EcoAdapt", Lara Hansen

Hansen is an ecologist who formed EcoAdapt six years ago, to offer training and assistance for people learning how to adapt to climate change.
    In this feature interview, Hansen talks with News Director Sally Mauk about her work - and the climate change challenges ahead.

[ The Crown of the Continent forum runs March 17 -19 at the Doubletree hotel and the University Center on the University of Montana campus in Missoula.]