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Guests on the Pea Green Boat This Week - September 16-20

Sep 16, 2013

Hi everybody,
It’s going to be an exciting week on the Pea Green boat. Lots of visitors. Take a look at what’s coming up.

On Tuesday, we’ll have Nature Notes with Jackie Wedell. In the past she’s talked about owls, otters and igloos. Tomorrow she’s going to talk about –well, I’ll let you find out for yourselves. Tune in!

On Wednesday, Janet Zupan, one of my favorite readers, will share, for the first time, a story she wrote herself.  It’s a really good one.

A baby aplomado raptor visited the show in July

Get ready for Thursday: Kate Davis from Raptors of the Rockies will sail on the Boat Thursday and she’ll have a few raptors with her. Will it be Ipod, the tiny owl, or Sibley, the peregrine falcon, or maybe a new raptor to marvel at and learn about?  Can’t wait to find out.

Finally, on Friday, our new special feature, Classics For Kids, will air. In just 5 or 6 minutes, Naomi Lewin of Cincinnati Public Radio tells us about a classical composer, like Mozart, his life and music.  I hope you’ll enjoy this once a week special.

All these special events, along with the usual mix of stories and songs. Wow, it’s going to be a great week! Don’t forget to keep up with the chapter book I’ve been airing, Mystery at Chilkoot Pass, by Barbara Steiner.

Love, Annie