Grizzly Bear Cub Euthanized After July Car Crash

Aug 9, 2018

A grizzly bear cub was euthanized today after being orphaned July 27 when its mother and two siblings were killed in a car crash. Wildlife managers say they spent 11 days searching for a suitable facility to take the cub, but found none.

The 7-month old cub weighed 34 pounds. Biologists say a cub-of-the-year is unable to survive on its own.

“We had hoped to find a facility to take the grizzly bear cub, but sadly, there are none available at this time and the cub would not have survived back in the wild without its mother.” Stacy Courville, CSKT Bear Biologist wrote in a press release today.

So far this year, 9 bears in northwestern Montana have died from vehicle collisions, four others have been removed from the wild or euthanized following car crashes.