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Great Falls School Bomb Threat: No Devices

Feb 10, 2020

No suspicious devices were found in a search of Great Falls public schools after a handwritten note including a bomb threat was found at an elementary school Monday.

The note was found just after 5:30 Monday morning, according to Great Falls Police Captain Jeff Newton.

“The handwritten note contained threatening language, including the specific threat of an explosive device being planted at multiple Great Falls schools,” he said.

Local public school officials and law enforcement decided to cancel all public school activities in response to the note. Several private schools also opted to suspend activities.

Monday's closures affected more than 11,500 students, including those at Christian schools. The University of Providence cancelled classes as a precaution, and Opportunities Inc. closed its Head Start program. After-school activities were also canceled.

School surveillance footage provided officers with a vague description of the suspect, Newton said. Officers aren't releasing the description, or specific information about the content of the note, while the case is under investigation.

Newton credited local, state and federal law enforcement officers with helping to search the schools.

Great Falls Superintendent Thomas Moore said classes will resume Tuesday, provided officials believe the schools are safe and secure.