Montana Public Radio

Governor Signs Three Anti-Abortion Bills

Apr 27, 2021

Montana’s Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed three bills into law that aim to limit access to abortion, breaking a nearly two-decade-long streak of Democratic governors vetoing anti-abortion legislation in the state. 

In Montana, abortion is now banned at 20 weeks, doctors are required to offer patients a viewing of their ultrasounds before an abortion, and the state will tightly regulate how medication abortions are administered. 

The bills passed through the state Legislature along party lines with an iron-clad Republican majority pushing them to the finish line. 

Gianforte promised on the campaign trail to restrict access to abortion, a change from his Democratic predecessors.

“There were many who served in this building before us who championed the unborn, who championed the cause of life. Unfortunately, their efforts were vetoed. But not today.”

Although not all of the policies expressly restrict access to abortion, the sponsors of the bills said Monday the new laws could discourage patients who are considering the procedure. 

Abortion rights advocates have vowed to challenge the policies in court.