GOP Chairwoman Says It's Time To Let Gianforte Get To Work

Jun 12, 2017

The new chairwoman of the Montana Republican Party says it’s now time to let Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte get to work.

Debra Lamm on Monday characterized Gianforte’s assault of a reporter as an “unfortunate lapse in judgment.” But Lamm says Gianforte’s apologized, will pay his dues and should be allowed to move on when he’s sworn-in to the U.S. House later this month.

“One lapse in judgment should not make all the difference when we have someone of otherwise good character and good intentions," Lamm says. "I’m ready to see him get to work for the benefit of all Montanans."

Lamm is a former state representative from Livingston who was elected chair of the Montana GOP this weekend. She succeeds state representative Jeff Essmann of Billings.

Lamm says she wants to take a more inclusive approach to state GOP politics. She thinks county GOP groups frequently feel isolated from decisions made at the state party level. Lamm says she wants to encourage more participation from those local Republican groups.