Getting older doesn't necessarily mean you have to feel old

May 31, 2013

A University of Montana professor appeared before the annual convention of the American College of Sports Medicine this week to discuss a study on a remarkable group of cyclists .
      Brent Ruby is the director of the Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism. Ruby and his colleagues research how people respond to various forms of stresses and how dietary and training strategies can help us better prepare to deal with stress. Ruby's a lifelong athlete who says he's always nurtured a passion for science.

"I think we could get rid of three-quarters of the medications that we use on a regular basis if we just figured out how to integrate physical activity better into our lives."
Brent Ruby

In this evening's feature interview with Edward O'Brien, Ruby talks about 4 cyclists who won a cross-country cycling race and shattered a previous record by 27-hours. In the process, they ended up challenging some conventional assumptions.