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FWP Inspections Have Found Aquatic Invasive Species On Over A Dozen Boats This Year

Jun 3, 2020

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has detected over a dozen boats with various aquatic invasive species on board so far this year. The detections come as more and more boats are lining up at inspection stations.

So far, inspection stations have intercepted 12 boats with invasive zebra or quagga mussels and one vessel with red-rim melania snails attached.

Most vessels that are intercepted are either coming from the Midwest or from Arizona. As Montana entered into Phase 1 of the coronavirus reopening plan last month, nearly 16,000 boats passed through inspection stations. That's a significant jump compared to the same times in 2018 and 2019.

With the Montana's out-of-state visitor restrictions lifted, state officials expect out-of-state boat numbers to likely rise.