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FWP Commission Says No To Online Trapping Course

Oct 8, 2015

Trappers in Montana won’t be able to get certified online to trap wolves, at least for now. The state’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks department has proposed ending the in-person classes it now requires wolf trappers to pass, and going to online classes to save money.

Today Fish, Wildlife and Parks commissioners expressed skepticism. Richard Kerstein, a commissioner from Scoby, noted that both pro-trapping and anti-trapping groups oppose the online courses.

"Hunting, fishing or trapping are not amenable to learn online, if they were, we probably wouldn’t do it. Also the opportunity that Wolves of the Rockies and the Montana Trappers Association are on the same page, I would hate to pass that opportunity up. I couldn’t support it as it is right now."

The commissioners said they’d like to get more public input on the proposal and revisit it in December.