Forest Service Seeks Public Input On Future Of Lewis & Clark National Forest

Feb 24, 2016

Beginning later this month, members of the Helena - Lewis and Clark National Forest Plan Revision Team will be seeking public input for recommended wilderness areas and land suitable for timber harvest.

This is the third workshop to travel around for feedback. The first series happened in August and focused on what people thought needed to change to the current system. The second round of meetings took place in November, asking the community about the desired forest conditions they want to see in the future.

Forest Plan Team Revision Leader Erin Swiader says they will be using interactive maps to gain feedback from community members.

“What we’re trying to get from the public is we’re trying to get their input on forest plans areas such as recommended wilderness or lands suitable for timber production or distinct recreation areas. A lot of the meetings will involve small groups of people sitting around tables of maps and helping us draw some lines on a map.”

Swiader says they hope to release a draft forest plan this fall. The first meetings are Feb. 29 in White Sulphur Springs and Townsend.

See the meeting schedule and learn more about the workshops here.