Forecasts Call For Thunderstorms, Elevated Fire Danger In Parts Of Montana

Jul 22, 2019

North-central and southwest Montana are facing elevated fire danger this week, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

After a fairly cool, wet summer, the area is beginning to see the dry, warm weather that could lead to fires. 

The NWS forecasts say the areas will see stronger wind and possibly thunderstorms early in the week, which could cause fires Wednesday and Thursday on the already dry land.

NWS Meteorologist Scott Coulston says that the announcement is “more of a heads up” than a warning.

“It’s not an imminent danger, but it’s just kind of a suggestion to be careful with things that can spark or can burn.”

He says that includes securing chains on trailers that could spark if they drag, or being careful with bonfires.

Coulston says he does not expect the fire concern to last long.


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