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The Food Guys Say: Hurry Up And Preserve Early-Season Apples

Oct 13, 2019

You've been making applesauce faster than the sorcerer's apprentice, but every day, more Akane, Discovery and Mackintosh apples appear in your fridge. These early-season varieties won't last. Can you preserve them quickly, for later use? 'Food Guy' Jon Jackson shares his method.

Peel, core and quarter, and add them all to a large pot with lemon juice and less than a quarter cup of water. Heat till there's steam, put the lid on, and while the apples warm up, place some pint jars into boiling water. Fill these with the heated apples. Allow to cool, then stash them in the refrigerator. Plan to use within a month or so.

“They were cooked, but still had crunch," says 'Food Guy,' Greg Patent.  "The beauty is that you can cook them further, or use them as-is."

This fall's abundant prune plums could be preserved in the same way.

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