Montana Public Radio

Debra Lamm 2020 Election Questionnaire

May 21, 2020

Montana Public Radio is gathering information on all statewide primary candidates to publish as a resource for our audience. We asked all the statewide candidates to respond to the following questions via email, limiting their answers to 300 words per question. These are their unedited responses.

U.S. House candidate Debra Lamm:

Debra Lamm
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What is your full name as it will appear on ballots?

Debra Lamm

Where do you live?

Rural Livingston, MT

What is your education background?

Juris Doctorate
Master of Business Administration emphasis Finance & Management
Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences and Secondary Education

What is your current occupation?

Small business owner

Why are you running for this particular public office?

Because freedom is worth fighting for—it’s about life itself. If freedom dies, so do our hopes and dreams, and those of our children and grandchildren. I have the strongest background educationally, and experientially in both the private and public sector. I am the strongest Republican candidate to take on the likely Democrat candidate in the general election because it will eliminate the gender issue so voters can focus on critical issues, and policy differences.

What makes you qualified to hold this position?

I have the broadest background of experience in both the private and public sector as well as a diverse educational background. This has prepared me to tackle big, interrelated issues facing our country and address the root cause instead of continuing to spend for band-aids on symptoms. In addition, I have worked with the President to advance his agenda in Montana. Go to:

What are three policy issues that distinguish you from your opponent(s)?

Education: I would actively pursue the return of education to the states and out of Federal control and I know how to get it done.

Federal debt: I was the first candidate to address the budget/debt crisis and the only 2020 candidate to sign a tax pledge to tackle the budget without raising taxes.

Healthcare: I am the only candidate with healthcare experience outside of the insurance industry and understand where systemic changes can be made to improve the quality of healthcare delivery while lowering costs.

What are the greatest issues facing Montana that have gone unsolved by elected officials and how would you address them?

Education: get education out of Federal hands. Continue the President’s work to eliminate Common Core and move funding back to the states.

Federal debt: Spending is out of control. Regulations are a big part of the equation. As a lawyer, I would make sure any bill is evaluated for constitutionality, and that Congress does not abdicate its responsibility by giving rulemaking authority to unelected bureaucrats.

Ag: meat packing monopoly. This has quickly become a major food security issue for Montana and the nation. I have already been evaluating areas of regulations that can be changed or new ways to address our food supply. Our congressional leadership in conjunction with the governor and legislature will have opportunities to fix the problem.